Arial Drone Images & Video Surveys

We have introduced our new Arial Drone Image Capture service. We can complete full arial surveys of your land or property. We are capturing images in 4K high definition which makes every detail, like spotting roofing problems in high roof situations, were installing scaffolding to do the same inspection would cost thousands. Unstable structures can be surveyed from safety, at ground level, with no possible danger what so ever.

There are so many applications were this technology can cut time and costs. Here are a view examples, check out broken roof tiles, unstable chimneys, inspect land drain gullies for blockages after heavy rain fall, land surveys & inspections, inspecting building render for cracks,  We have uploaded a few arial images taken by One Property Maintenance to show the quality of what can be done to get the images of potential dangerous areas.

We can also take arial images of land for estate agents, farms, schools. The only way that this could have been possible in the past, was using helicopter which was way out of the reach of the average person. These drones can access areas from warehouses, old barns, demolition structures, condemned areas, bridges all from the safety area outside.


Just A Sample Video